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Vladia Zouga
This is Vladia Zouga. she is a part of the bulldog bark staff here at South Broward. Although she's in tenth grade, this is her first year attending South Broward.

Her passions are dancing and helping the people around her. She is a member of Tartes Hearts, a club that helps the community.She visits elderly patients and keeps them company as a part of the Tartes Hearts . Zouga also spends her time volunteering to help at the local humane society.

She is the youngest of two in her family. Her older sister is like a second mother to her and Zouga looks up to her and sees her as a big role model. She also admires her mother, because she’s a hard worker and very caring of the people she loves most. She wants to be a strategic business woman by working to her full potential.

In the next ten years she sees herself owning her own successful business, with an apartment of her own. She’s planning on going to college. If she were to be able to visit three places it would be Gabon located in central Africa, Tokyo located in Japan and Santorini located on an island called Thira in the southern Aegean Sea.

Vladia Zouga, Contributor

Mar 15, 2019
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