Waynne Deatherage
Waynne Deatherage is a creative and humorous 11th grader. With a pen, she can write intriguing and delightful stories. Her passion for writing has helped her excel in English and composition. Waynne took journalism to help fuel her love for writing. When she’s not writing Waynne likes to stay active by playing tennis and running. She hopes to eventually join a tennis team. Waynne is confident, kind and Extroverted. She goes out of her way to make others smile. Some of Waynne’s favorite things include roses and butterflies. Her favorite colors are pale pink and baby blue. One day Waynne hopes to experience new cultures and meet new people; By visiting places like England, Germany and Hawaii.

Waynne Deatherage, Contributor

Nov 15, 2017
Halloween Takes South Broward (Story)