The Hate U Give Movie Review


Cesar Luns, Contributor

The Hate U Give, a movie about a teenage girl, Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg), who has two lives to choose between. One is at home in a neighborhood where there’s mostly blacks, and her other life is at her school where there are mostly white people.

Her life was hard enough living in two different worlds, but it gets a lot harder when she witnesses her best friend Khalil get shot by a cop. She is getting pressured by both sides of the community, and she must decide for herself whether to talk or say silent.

The movie shows serious themes about racism and police violence that is perfectly carried out by Amandla Stenberg who does a great job at portraying a girl deciding whether to try and please her friends and avoid backlash or speak up for her community and honor her childhood friend.

The Hate U Give also has portrayal of biracial relationships with Chris (KJ Apa) dating Starr and how Starr’s father Maverick (Russell Hornsby) reacts to the relationship in a negative way. Another example is how Starr’s friends at school have a racist view on how black people act when they try to act “street”. This is a movie that tackles serious problems and shows how it affects people on both sides and does a good job at it. Overall, it’s a great movie.