A Funny Take on Night School


Ariana Clement, Contributor

Night School is a 2018 American comedy movie starring comedians such as Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, where a group of adults are forced to attend night school in hopes of getting their GED so they can finally say they finished high school.

The movie has an underlying message to never give up on your dreams and keep working for what you want, and in the hopes that you will get it. This message is conveyed by giving each character a different reason for needing their GED, and making them a team to overcome their obstacles. In the end they all end up passing the exam and getting their GED, which allows them to now get the jobs they always wanted. They all were there for different reasons but in the end all of them got their GEDs; one wanted to be a dental hygienist, one just wanted to get a job at their friend’s firm. No matter how many times it took them to pass the exam, they never gave up.

I really enjoyed the movie because it was very funny and portrayed the theme in a good way. The main character Teddy was a salesman before he unexpectedly lost his employment forcing him to get his GED. He then finds himself struggling but his teacher helps him and motivates him to get it together. However, when it comes time to take the exam, he doesn’t believe in himself enough to show up. His teacher eventually convinces him and he takes it again. After many failed attempts he finally passes the exam and moves on with his life to get a new job.