Bohemian Rhapsody Goes Wild



Rami Malek posing as Freddie Mercury on a Bohemian Rhapsody movie poster.

Sara Hertzberg, Contributer

Bohemian Rhapsody, which hit U.S. theaters Friday, November 2nd, chronicles the rise of the band, Queen, and focuses on lead singer Freddie Mercury. However, it is isn’t a biography. The movie covers the first 15 years of Queen’s rise and later comeback all the while showcasing the band’s performance at Live Aid. Live aid was a global charity concert held in 1985 that raised money to fight hunger in Ethiopia.

The movie focuses on the band members’ lives and how they became one, a “family” as the band said in the movie.

Before Bohemian Rhapsody begins, the 20th Century Fox logo appears on the screen with the oh so familiar trumpet but with the band Queen’s twist. It becomes an electric guitar replacing the trumpet flourishing through the movie theater speakers. It prepares you for the big rock and roll superstars in a documentary that you’ve never seen like this.

 At the Regal Oakwood Theatre 18, people were mouthing the lyrics to “love of my life,” and “Radio GaGa.” There are many Queen songs featured in the film, making it worth it just to hear the music over theater speakers.

One can’t-miss scene in the movie is Rami Malek’s fantastic performance as Freddie Mercury. It’s hard to imagine anyone else being able to play the truly unique Mercury, with his high cheekbones, beautifully sharp jawline and, of course, those teeth. Their performances were top notch and incredible to witness in theatre.