DECA Day at Hard Rock Café

Umma Chowdhury , Contributor

DECA day is a tradition at South Broward High that typically takes place every year. Anyone who is in the club participated in DECA day. It engages students at the beginning of their pathway and recruits them into DECA. This year for DECA day, the students from South Broward went to The Hard Rock Café and checked out the Miami Dolphins Stadium where they got to learn about how the inside of the Stadium works, such as the food system, finance, taking care of the field etc. The students also got a tour of the whole stadium inside and outside!

Artwork of former Dolphins head coach Don Shula by the Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, known as Vhiles, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL.
The Hard Rock Stadium
The locker room mat where everyone says their prayers for good health and win before the game begins.