A New Dream for Venezuela

A New Dream for Venezuela

Manuel Delgado, Contributer

The people of the Venezuelan country have suffered for more than 10 years under the unethical idea of ​​communists like Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. These “leaders” have been using the country for their own benefit, using people to sell the country’s resources and make a profit from these sales. President Hugo Chavez, on reaching the presidency, made promises to the people to help the country to develop a superior economy and that would make the country much better (promises that he later broke).

Chavez used the resources that were granted to sell a part of the oil that Venezuela produced and thus take business for their own benefit. Upon the death of Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro was elected president in an illegitimate manner and with the same communist ideals. The country accepted it and began to support it, but Maduro wanted to focus on enriching himself, so in addition to selling the oil of the nation, he reduced the basic salary of the workers to $ 6 per hour.

Maduro and Juan Guaido. The fighters for the presidency.

The Venezuelans, realizing that the situation was not improving but that they were getting worse, decided to make protests against the dictator Nicolas Maduro, the streets were filled with people every day to oppose the mandate of this ruler. Many citizens perished in the protests for the violence applied by the military and the police to disperse the masses. Years later the vice-president named Juan Guaido ran for the presidency of the country and raised the main problems that society was suffering at this time:

  • Salary: A honest worker who work for 8 hours win $6 dollar for each hour what would be approximately $960 per month and $11520 per year what it would be very low compared to the basic salary of United States.
  • Health: More of the 75% of the hospitals in the nation are close because they do not have the necessary resources to support the care of all the people who need it.
  • Safety: The protestants of the Maduro’s dictatorship are killed by the police, by the army or even the people who support the communist ideas. The risk on the streets is too bigger that the people who has ideas against the communist leadership of Maduro can be killed in they own home with toxic gas.
  • Political expression:  Nobody can express what they think in a free way without be killed or putted in prison. A lot of families has lose fathers,mothers,sons,daughters,and even grandparents in this fight for a better future.

The new president gave his word that he would work in a solution for this problems and other that affect the country.

“The people of Venezuela need a best future, a future to be proud, a future in which our children can run free without worries about guns or aggression”-said Juan Guaido in one of his speech to the Venezuelan people.

A lot of manifestations have been developed to put the corrupt president Maduro out of the presidency and wear Guaido to the lead of the country.

“Venezuela will have a better future, United States is with the Venezuelan people”-said President Donald Trump in his speech of 02/05/2019