The Government Shut Down

The Government Shut Down

Yulanda Bissick , Writer

The United States’ longest government shutdown in history-35 days- was ended recently by a temporary opening. “This has been the longest shut down in history,” said MSNBC news.”  Many people are saying that “Trump is only shutting down the government because he isn’t getting his own way.” Others have their differing opinions.

“He is using the wall as a cover up so that they won’t investigate him anymore and find something to impeach him,” said Aurelie Augusting.

When asked if the Mexicans have the right to say no to Trump about paying for development of the wall, she said, “The Mexicans have the right to say no to Trump wanting them to pay for the wall to keep them out, its their land and they have just as much of power as Trump to say yes or no.”

And she’s right-Mexicans have their own President just as Americans do, so they really do not have to listen to Trump’s demands if they are not interested in doing so.

“I want Trump out of office, but then his vice president Mike Pence would be President and he is nothing different from his buddy Trump, Augusting added, “No matter how many times we impeach the bad people more, bad people are just going to keep on coming.”

The government shutdown doesn’t only mean tensions about the border wall, it has left people  working with no paycheck. It has caused unemployment, a loss of WIC, Food Stamps, and other government-funded services.

My  interviewee 2: Samara Stauffer didn’t say anything too big on this case but I did get a small important quote from her.

“Trump is not doing anything good at all for the U.S. citizens,” said Samara Stauffer, “No one can deny that he has done a couple of good things but he’s done way too many bad things-the bad out weighs the good. It’s ridiculous to be having a government shutdown go on this long, because it hurts people financially and emotionally.”

“[What he] decides to do affects the entire country,” Stauffer added, “It’s not like ‘oh I am going to run a test and shut down the government for a month or so and no one will be affected’-that’s not how it works with his position.

“A temporary opening of the government is not helping anything,” said Stauffer, “Nothing is gonna happen within that short opening but being able to quickly file for our taxes.”