Happy Death Day-The Sequel

Second Installment Gives Background to Popular First Movie


Photo courtesy of Google under the creative commons license.

Cesar Luna, Contributor

The slasher, sci-fi, Groundhog Day-esk movie, “Happy Death Day”, got a sequel that hit the big screen on February 13 with the same main cast as last time. The cast included Jessica Rothe as the protagonist, “Tree Gelbman” this time. Comedy and suspense made this movie well-rounded. The movie was complete with different styles of editing such as montages and transitions in between the death and restart of the day for Tree.

This sequel adds background to the events of the first movie and second movie by explaining the cause of the time loop. “Ryan Phan”, played by Phi Vu, has a bigger role in this movie, where at the beginning he is stuck in the time loop before “Tree” is stuck again.

There is a rumor of a third installment to the series because of a recent interview with the director. The director said that he has an idea of what the third movie could be about if “Happy death Day 2U” got enough funding for a third movie.

Overall the movie is a good sequel to the first one, making it better in some aspects. The possibility of a third movie is big news, as the second one explored themes very different from the first. The third movie has a world of possibility.