The Crave For Mukbangs

The Crave For Mukbangs

Yulanda Bissick , Contributor


A Mukbang is a live online pod-casting in which a host eats large amounts of food while interacting with their audience.

Mukbangs were first made or introduced to the viewers from South Korea and they made the name themselves and it just took off from there. They were so big in fact that people can actually make a living from streaming their meals. That’s when it started spreading globally, and everybody started getting into this Mukbang situation to make more money. 

Mr. Cross , “Mukbangs are nothing, particularly, its just eating and talking and “It’s not good nutritionally at all, but you simply get stressed out. I never fully watch them; I watch them and see how the food tastes. They are normally just talking about the food.”  “I don’t think it’s satisfying at all that’s nasty- if they are making Youtube videos or live streams they most likely to make a profit off eating.”

     Well, many people believe that Mukbangs are done because they get money from Youtube for it. But many Mukbangers simply do so because they either really like food, like to entertain or like to help people out with whatever problems they are having, eating wise.

 “Mukbangs are interesting, and they do make a profit off this, but it depends on the views you get and the topic you’re talking about,” said Ms. Thompson, “I’m not too sure yet whether I would do one myself or not because I’m not a very open person, But hopefully, sometime, I can open up to people.”

 Since this was made in Korea, it is a Korean slang so Muk- means to eat, and they just added a bang to the end that has no specific meaning. But that’s just a little fun slang that they came up with instead of saying, Live online eating broadcast. The name was cut short so that’s how the name Mukbang became a thing.

“I’m not really sure why people enjoy them so much but many it’s because people tell interesting stories when they do Mukbangs, I have seen many other people do it though, for instance, Ashley Deshaun, Queen Naija, DDG, Kennedy Cymone and Stephanie Soo,” said Ms. Thompson.