South Broward Students Give Tips For a Successful YouTube Channel

Antonella Benitez, Contributor

YouTube is used worldwide and can be used for many multiple reasons from music, entertainment, homework help, to life hacks. People have their preferred YouTubers that they enjoy watching and have subscribed to them.

Many people wonder what does it take in order to have a successful a YouTube channel. Luckily, Erik Leon, a senior attending South Broward and Jermaine Roberts also a senior, are willing to share tips on what it takes in order to a YouTube channel grow.

Leon and Roberts have definitely put work into their channels: Wavy Leaon and Lil Maine. Leon started his YouTube channel about two years ago, with nothing but his goals and channel name: Wavy Leon.

“I started off trying to help people get 360 waves,” said Leon.

So far, it’s attracted more than 34,000 subscribers.

Leon’s close friend Jermaine Roberts also followed in his foot steps August of this year. They met around a year ago and became closer by talking about YouTube this was when Leon already had started to get big. Now, Roberts’ skit and public interview channel, Lil Maine, has reached more than 300 subscribers.

“Erik inspired me I look up to him as far as YouTube, it’s a really fun experience me and Erik go out and have fun every time we film,” said Roberts.

It’s not easy to run a channel on YouTube, but with hard work and determination it’s possible to achieve success. But, you also need equipment.

“In order to film you need a camera, I started off with a smartphone, but then was able to get an actual camera, and you definitely got to have a computer to edit. You got to be ready to learn with all the technology,” said Roberts.

“Have a nice camera and editing software, I use Sony Vegas,” said Leon.

Getting the camera equipment was easy. The hard part was getting hits.

Leon’s secret? Sharing.

“After 4 months my views started to go up I shared my channel through all social medias and made sure to post often. Don’t give up the fans will come eventually,” said Leon.

When Leon started his channel off all he wanted to do was leave an impact, now that he has followers, he can offer advice to people interested in becoming a Youtuber.

“Have confidence, consistency, the heart to do it,” said Leon

Roberts  said the foundation for a successful YouTube channel is to be consistent,  have a good personality, a  good concept,  a good name, and a good image.

“Stay true to yourself, and don’t worry about what people have to say, just have fun with it,” said Roberts.