Maryline LaRoche, Operations Admin at Fedex


Aaliyah Perez, Artist

Maryline LaRoche was born in Haiti and moved to the US with her parents, landing in Homestead, but eventually settling in Hollywood, Florida.

One thing that LaRoche would change about the world is the amount of conflict and wars that have been happening in the past few years. She wishes for world peace and believes that issues happening now would have never begun if wars did not happen. 

“There are a lot of things that I could change about the world,” LaRoche said, “but one thing I would definitely change about the world is no more wars. There needs to be world peace.” 

Her greatest fear in life is the unknown. Her biggest joy, however, is her daughter. 

One thing she wishes she could change about her personality is how she procrastinates. 

“I am sometimes a procrastinator,” LaRoche said. “I can never get anything done. Once that can go away, I would be able to get everything I want done, done.”