Isis Monserrat going back to her apartment complex.

Isis Moserrat

Isis Monserrat is from Puerto Rico, but she moved to Hollywood, Florida seven years ago with her mom, dad, and brother. She did not speak English at the time she moved here, but learned quickly from her classmates and teachers. If she could change one thing about the world, it would be for everyone to be equal money-wise. There should not be rich people and there should not be poor people because there are so many, too many people that are starving. She thinks it’s not fair that poor people are starving and that some people are homeless. Her biggest fear is losing the people she loves so much, like her family and friends. She smiles when she thinks about them.

“One thing that makes me happy is just being with family and friends having fun,” said Monserrat.

If she could change one thing about herself it would be her shyness. She feels like she could accomplish a lot more if she was more outgoing.

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