Samuel Sacco


Samuel Sacco is a 16 yr old junior who lives in Hollywood Fl, and attends South Broward high school. One of his biggest fears ,”um drowning,very slowly, i think that’s my my biggest fear” he said. His biggest joy is driving, he owns two cars right now one is a Dodge and a BMW X3.

After we talked about his joy I asked him if he could change one thing about the world,what would it be, he said “reliance on money.” To be honest i was a bit baffled at the thought, it didn’t make sense;but thinking about it now,it does. People’s greed and want for money has gotten from bad to worse, money is no longer an item used to take care of your family or yourself. Its been completely flipped, its like a drug for the rich and a wish for the poor,spent like its nothing,like people can haul it out of their asses.

Though,  there’s just one thing Sacco told me that he wants to change about himself; how materialistic he is, looking at him he didn’t seem like it, but when he opened up, my whole idea on it was cleared by what he said:”i’m materialistic in the sense that i like getting things, and I’ve had experiences in the past where being materialistic is just no Bueno. I might own too many things,but i enjoy physical things.However, I also appreciate the effort and time it took for someone to do something.”

But on top of his love for physical things his favorite color is purple,when I asked him why it was his favorite colour he said “I just do, it’s such a dope color, and it makes everything work.” And I agree with him it, does go with everything.

Samuel’s favorite movie is “spectre 007” because of it’s high action packed scenes. His favorite song is “Rock witchu” by PRETTY MUCH, an American/Canadian boy band that was formed in 2017 by British Music mugol Simon cowell.

After interviewing Samuel I learned what his fear is, his joy, one thing that he would change about the world,about himself, and things that matter to him. But this is what makes him, him, his charisma and character that’s what makes him part of our South Broward High School community.