Financial Class Open to All at South Broward

Financial Class Open to All at South Broward

Leo Gast, Contributor

I feel schools are teaching important content. They teach the main courses such as math, science, language, and history. Then after those courses you can take the courses of your own choice. One problem that I feel is very major is, not all the main courses are used in the future. For example, if you go into writing as a career, when will you use Geometry. This means multiple hours and days are spent on non-needed information. 

Recently, schools have noticed the backlash and are starting to offer (as electives) life skill classes, or classes that cover information that is needed to get through everyday life for a regular person. Some of these classes that I have noticed are culinary arts, thinking skills, and financial literacy. 

I will be covering the class known as financial literacy, and why you should take it. First off, financial literacy will teach you many basic tasks like making a budget so as not run out of money at the end of the month, to more complicated topics like buying the right house and understanding how the stock market works. All of these will likely happen. Better to start building a foundation sooner than later; while you and I are young and can take in the knowledge easier.  

Here at South Broward High School in room 325, Mr. Morales teaches any student who has the luck of taking his class. He will teach them how to handle themselves in situations where it is key to know what is going on (financially).  He has taught over 1,800 students on how to make smart, safe, and confident financial decisions. On average a good tutor online is 50$, this class is completely free of charge and is not online but personalized leaning for you and the class.  

If you feel that you might want to go deeper into learning about this topic, you can take this class for 3 out of the 4 years in high school. The first is economics where you just touch on the essentials and is for those who just want a better understanding of how everything works financially. Next is Financial Algebra which teaches you the math to buying and selling and for simple math equations you will have to do to be good to go financially. For the 3rd and Final year which is called Financial Literacy Everything is summarized in a more sophisticated manner which will throw everything together you just learned. Thus, making you ahead of the game and more capable to adapt to the life of grownups. 

In conclusion, taking this class will help you to understand the world of financial literacy and help you to make smart, safe, and confident choices. This will get you ahead of the others which in turn will allow you to do things more accurately and faster. I hope you take the wonderful class to become more wiser in financial decision making.