Angel Marcelo


Kamari Raymond, Contributor

Angel Marcelo is an 11 year old 6th grader, who has a great passion for cooking and playing basketball. Marcelo is from Dania Beach and is currently attending Olsen Middle School. If he isn’t cooking or playing sports, he is playing video games on the Playstation.

Marcelo is the middle child of five siblings, having one older brother, one younger brother and two youngest sisters.

Before reaching his 30 year mark, he would love to already attended culinary school and owning his own restaurant.

Marcelos biggest fear is snakes and feels “anxious” whenever theres one around.

He lives by his motto “Kings aren’t born, their made.”

In his opinion, it is a waste of time to grieve or be sad about something that occurred in the past.He firmly believes one should just move on and always strive for greatness regardless.

Marcelo can only withstand listening to rap music, making Kodak black and NBA Young boy his favorite rappers.

After graduating, he sees himself going to college in pursuit of his culinary career. With this, he also wishes to have a wife and his own family someday.