Nicole Cooney, SBHS Student

Nicole Cooney, a sophomore in South Broward High School, is a mental health advocate. If she could change one thing about the world it would be the mental health crisis among teenagers.

“I think teenagers have enough stress in school and on top of that they have to worry about depression – not cool,” said Cooney.

Like most high schoolers, the sophomore deals with some mental health issues of her own. Nicole’s peculiar way of handling her issues involves some very colorful and furry friends: her collection of stuffed animals. She sleeps with all of her stuffed animals because she feels pure joy when she looks and touches them, especially her two newest acquisitions: a neon pink Peep Bunny and a San Rio Hello Kitty character.

Nicole thinks her therapeutic perception about stuffed animals could help other teenagers too.

“You just have to find something you love to keep your mind off other problems,” said Cooney.

Her ultimate dream would be to have the economic means to both donate to mental health awareness charities and also buy stuffed animals for everyone battling with mental health issues.

“Sometimes you need a little fluff in your life!” she exclaimed.

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