Under The Radar Cheerleaders

Markalya Lee, Contributer

B-A-S-K-E-T BasketBasket Shoot Three is what your hear from the basketball cheerleaders as soon as you step foot in the gym.

The Basketball cheerleaders at South Broward high school consists of mainly 9th and 10th graders. People underestimate basketball cheerleaders. They think that basketball cheer more simple than football cheer, however, it’s very similar.

“My favorite part about being captain is that I get to watch all new girls grow with their cheers when I help them.” said captain Isabella Cordero, 15. 

They practice Tuesday through Thursday from 3pm to 5pm. They start practice off with basic stretch’s and running laps around the gym, conditioning, and then they start practicing. Most cheers that are done are originally for basketball cheer, but others come from football cheer. Sometimes they create new cheers for the season together.

“South Broward, Bulldogs Are Moving In Tonight, We Want To Win Won’t Give In, Bulldogs Let’s Fight.

Chasaty Morton, a 15 year-old, freshman  said “Practice can be very fun at times and also be very tiring form all the exercises that we have to do. 

Angelina Melendez a 15 year- old, sophmore said “I choose to do basketball cheer because its my first time cheering and I didn’t want to start doing something so intense
The girls have a choice to do either basketball cheer or competition cheer. Most choose basketball cheer because they think competition is way more intense, especially for first timers. 

The basketball cheerleaders said, “We love home games because the fans support the basketball players more and the gym is always packed.” said Melendez

The Basketball cheerleaders are Isabella Cordero, Shatavia GagliardiAngelina Melendez, Chasaty Morton, Markalya Lee, Dasia Haywood, Nayah Graham, and Francesca Louis. The team consist of 3 sophomore’s and 5 freshmen