Social Media’s Impact On Teens

Social Media has made a huge impact on teens


Ryazia Allen, Contributor

Hello my name is Ryazia Allen and I’m a Social-media-holic. I use Snapchat, Instagram, and Youtube  daily. I cannot see myself going a day without these apps. 

Social media are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.  Social media is distracting and it’s causing teens to stay hooked to their phones, rather than having a decent conversation.  

How many hours are teens spending on social media? Based on a study from The Family Technology Education, teens are spending more than one-third of their days using media such as online video or music — nearly nine hours on average. With those nine hours, 540 minutes, 32,000 seconds,  teens could be hanging out at a coffee shop catching up with friends or studying for an upcoming test.

 Girls we gotta do better, based on a survey from Common Sense Media found that we are on social media more than our male counterparts.

Already being a teenage girl is hard and social media is causing that to be harder. According to a Common Sense Media, ” About half the girls polled admitted that content posted online often makes them worry about their appearance or social status.”

Lets face facts ladies seeing these perfect perky Instagram models down your timeline has made you second guess your own appearance at least once.

Its not just with the girls boys you have some problems with this too. Based on an poll from, similar to the percentage of teens who feel pressure to post content that makes them look good, 39% of teens on social media say they feel pressure to post content that will be popular and get lots of comments or likes.

There’s even apps that lets you gain more likes by buying them. Are we really that desperate for a few more likes? To waste hard earn money for a few more numbers.

Social Media is also causing trouble in teens lives. According to a nationwide survey by the National Campaign, a shocking 20 percent of teens are participating in sexting.

Sexting is against the law and is humiliating. I’m positive if a teen gets their nudes leaked their gonna be embarrassed.

Social Media is making a huge impact on us teens lives and it could be stopped if we just put the phone down.