Dedeaire Griffin


Dedeaire Griffin, a 22-year-old artist from Miami-Dade and graduated from Miami Norland High School.

The Coronavirus  is not only impacting Griffin and his family, but also his concern for others. He believes this virus would finally clear up by the end of this year. Although cautious, he is excited for quarantine to end and for everyone to resume their normal lives. He makes sure he wears essential items like gloves, masks and uses Lysol wipes. He and his grandmother are taking this virus very seriously.

Dedeaire and his family understand the severity of the virus. He spends his time trying to keep his mind off of things with activities like sketching, painting, playing video games, and taking walks outside.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic occured, Dedeaire was focusing on his art. He created things like paintings, graffiti, sketches, and even digital drawings.

Once quarantine ends and it is safe to do so, Dedeaire says he is excited to go to all the places he wanted to go during quarantine.

If a cure for COVID-19 was ever created, he says he would advocate for it to be free for all and make sure there is enough for everyone.

Dedeaire thinks staying in your home and staying as sanitary as possible is the best way of preventing a highly contagious virus like COVID-19. While he understands that the lock-down is hurting the economy, he knows that it is for the best for the general public. He feels if the world will never be normal and that we won’t be able to return to our daily lives unless the U.S have fewer cases, or get a cure.

The hardest thing about being on lock-down or quarantine is staying home and if you do go out to the store, they wouldn’t be any toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Lysol products and other objects that help prevent the virus. Additionally, it takes longer for your deliveries from businesses like Amazon, United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS to come.

The only time Griffin leaves his home is to go to the store for essential supplies. When he does go, he has his gloves, a mask, and  a bottle of hand sanitizer.