Yessenia Rosas

Wearing a mask has converted to a day to day thing for Yessenia Rosas. She’s a college student that lives in Lima, Peru who needed to postpone her college classes due to the pandemic.

“I think this virus has affected everyone in Peru,” said Rosas. “Unluckily, I was entering my first year of college.”

Rosas wears a mask daily to prevent the virus from entering her body through breathing.

“Wearing a mask has changed my life a lot, I feel like it is a part of my body or is something that I can’t go out without,” said Rosas.

It has also changed Rosas’s active lifestyle in other ways. For example, she’s an avid runner, but now she must run wearing a mask.

“I personally like to go for a long run in the mornings, but unluckily there’s an obligatory law in Peru that mandates wearing a mask in public and maintaining  six feet between people, so it is really hard for me to breathe while wearing a mask,” said Rosas.

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