One Thing Both Candidates Brought to the Debate? Immaturity


Emmy Grace, Contributor

Watching the debate on September 29th really felt more like entertainment, rather than a political event. Both candidates marked the event with personal insults and constant interjections, making people of both parties lose respect for the candidate they were rooting for.


Donald Trump and Joe Biden spent a lot of time personally belittling each other, and taking too much time away from addressing the topics given by the moderator. Both candidates would resort to childish remarks when asked about topics they were unprepared for.


Poor Chris Wallace, the moderator, who had to be interrupted and who had to listen to an immature argument take the place of what should have been a political debate.


Personal insults about each other’s intelligence and family situations were made, including “He’s the worst president America has ever had” by Biden, and “You graduated either the lowest or almost the lowest in your class” by Trump.


Despite Trump’s tendency to barrel over what the moderator was saying and insult Biden, none of it compares to when Trump brought up Beau, Biden’s late son, as an attack mechanism. He insulted the tribute to Beau and segued into an attack on business dealings involving Biden’s other son, Hunter.


As Biden and Chris Wallace grew more annoyed with each insult or interruption by Trump, Biden was coming back with remarks like “Will you shut up man!” and calling him a “clown”.


Nothing about this debate was presidential or professional. These men made the country look like a joke because of their ignorance and immaturity, for the most annoying hour and a half of my life.