Halloween during Quarantine

Keyri Andrea Bermudez, Editor

             Halloween is the time where you get candy and get ready with friends. My friends and I decided to get ready together which was a crazy experience, but it was worth it. I was with my sister Samantha Snyder and her friend Katelyn Berringer. Samantha did our makeup and hair. “This is going to take a while,” said Berringer 

              The theme for our costumes were angels and a devil, which in a way represents our personality. Samantha is the meaner type most of the times scary and a bit evil (devil), Katelyn is the sweet and shy type (angel), and well I’m in between Katelyn and Samantha with certain traits which is why I’m an evil angel. “Being honest if we think about it all of our costumes represent ourselves in a certain way with our personality,” said Snyder. 

              Getting ready took us a good two hours including hair, makeup, and getting dressed. We were having a party for Halloween and had a minimum of 30 people. When it was time to trick or treat, we followed the protocol to use our mask and keep our distance from others. When we were getting our candy, some people used poles to pass out the candy. All the candies were packed in Ziplock bags and displayed on a table. The people giving out the candy were also wearing a maskluckily, they could still interact with the dressed-up kids.