Is It Safe for Kids to Trick or Treat


Demetrius Green, Contributor

I was sitting down wondering what I was going to do for Halloween. But then I remembered the pandemic is happening, I can’t do my normal trick-or-treating.Then I started thinking. If it’s not safe for me, it’s certainly isn’t safe for little kids either. 

So, are children going  to wear multiple masks? It’s not safe for children to wear multiple masks.

What if the people who pass out candy, pass the virus down to children? We all know kids are going to beg their parents to go out, but it’s not safe for them out there.

One good idea would be, the parents buying candy to bring to the kids that are staying at home   or their parents can throw a little party

Parents, you’re going to have to sit down and have a talk with your children and explain the world around us and what is happening.

They may be mad at you, but at least you let them know what is going on in the world.

All I’m saying to parents out there is : Please don’t let your kids go out for Halloween. It is not safe.

But, if the parents do let them out, here are some alternatives: People who pass out candy need to precaution, like leave a bucket outside with a sign that reads Take One.

If you do open the door to hand out candy, use a mask and gloves. They could even fill out a individual treat bags on a table in the driveway or near front door.