Animal Adoption


Leslie Palmieri, Writer

Sallyann Deveau has always loved animals and since the pandemic started she decided to start volunteering to help the animal shelter with this challenge but maybe it’s harder than some people would think.

 Deveau is a volunteer at the Winter Haven Animal Rescue in central Florida and she says that people have been more open to adopting pets now more than ever.

“Adopting has become less interactive with people and most times when the person meets the animal it is outside”.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic she has noticed an increase in people coming in and adopting.

“When I started at the beginning we would get two to three animals dropped off but when one animal would  come in two people come in to adopt”.

She says that the numbers have dropped  but they still get a few here and there.

 Deveau has always adored animals and seeing how much help that the animal shelter could use she decided to volunteer. When the pandemic started a lot of volunteers left because a lot of them were older and they were at risk due to the virus .They used to have a waitlist to be a volunteer but now they are taking anyone.

 She started volunteering at the beginning of the pandemic, they have had around 50 cats come in since the pandemic started but there is this one Deveau talks about her name is Oreo and she is the sweetest cat. She talks about the importance of interacting with the older cats because they are so vulnerable and usually are at the shelter longer.

Deveau has not adopted any cats because she lives in a one bedroom apartment and hasn’t really been in the market for any animals. She had a dog but he passed away a year ago, so she got a bird and ever since she has been fine with just her bird and her.

Michele Palmieri has been one of the many people to adopt a pet during this global pandemic, she adopted a cat named Willow. She got her at her local PetSmart which has a cat rescue attached to it.

“Willow loves to play with the dogs even though sometimes they don’t play with her” said Palmieri . 

She is a 10 week old black and white tuxedo cat and she has the biggest personality. Palmieri has three dogs already so she was nervous about getting the cat but all has worked out.

“ We have hound dogs so we didn’t want a problem but if anything she messes with the dog more than they mess with her” said Palmieri.

Palmieri has had cats before but none recently and since the pandemic started and everyone is home she thought it would be a good idea to add someone to the family. Both of her kids are home doing online school and they recently lost their pet bunny so she thought it was time to add a cat.

“Willow has been the best addition ever, she’s really grown well with the dogs” Palmieri says with a smile on her face.