Senior and his thoughts on the return to South Broward


Tyrel Clare, Contributor

       Isaac Velez, a 17-year-old senior at SBSH is one of the few students that has returned to school during the pandemic. Velez has mixed emotions when it comes to returning to school. “It would be a better situation rather than staying at home and being too comfortable” said Velez.  

        According to Velez the atmosphere is different from a regular day of school.  “without all of the students and my friends the school looks like a ghost town”. Velez explains that he can count the number of students that he has in every class on his fingers. 

 While in the classroom, social distancing is being enforced heavily. “Students sit at least 3 to 4 seats away from each other depending on how many students are in the room.” 

          Out of all 8 of Velez’s teachers, 3 of them have returned to their classrooms. Due to the lack of teachers at school, when Velez is not in their classrooms, he sits in the auditorium for the remainder of the class periods.  

           Masks are always required while in school, so Velez must wear a mask all day. He explains that “wearing the mask doesn’t really affect me” this is because he usually wears a mask for longer periods of time at other places.