Paulston Stuart, Election Thoughts


Fredrick Ortiz, special reporter

I sat down with Paulston Stuart, face to face 6th feet apart on Thursday, November 12, 2020. I interviewed him on the 2020 presidential election and his thoughts on the fact of the matter. He was very polite and calm and collected. He answered the questions asked with a very calm tone. He gave his respected opinion on how he felt about the election and the vote ballots.

I asked him a small list of questions relating to the presidential election and Paulston. For each question, he replied with how he felt. The series of questions all retained to the results of the election and how he felt the future would be with the presidential candidate Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris, Which are in the lead for the 2020 presidency. The first question I asked was how they felt about the election.

“I didn’t really like Donald Trump, to be honest, I feel like… I feel like he was, you know, racist. To mostly black people,” said Paulston.

Which is reasonable to understand. Trump has made racist or racial comments in the past so it is understandable to feel that way. Next, I asked Paulston if he thought the election was stolen from Trump or if this year’s election was rigged at all.

“No, and that’s because really you can tell most people were going to vote for Biden. No… nobody really liked trump, he wasn’t fair,” said Paulston.

To say what is fair and what is not fair is a difficult subject since everyone has a different opinion on what is fair. I furthermore asked what he thought about Biden being the next president, he said he was very happy that Donald Trump wasn’t going to be president anymore. Then I proceeded to ask if he thinks Joe Biden would be a good president he proceed to state.

“Yes and that’s because I don’t feel he’s going to be racist to the black race and he will be fair like equal,” said Paulston.

Next I asked how he felt about Kamala Harris as the next VP.

“She will be a women VP so it’s kinda like history,” said Paulston.

I’ll agree, she is the first women in office and she is a women of color, that is very impressive and exciting. The last question I had for him was what do you think the economy would lower or rise.

“I don’t think it will move at all, to be honest I mean if he is a good a president I guess everything will go good,” Paulston said.

Which is a good way to look at it. With a good president the economy would do good.