Students Struggle to Keep Cameras On


Markalya Lee, Editor

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Usually, when teenagers get in front of the camera when they are facetiming their friends or taking a photo for Instagram, it’s nothing but smiles. But no ones smiling about having their camera on for online classes. 

Tyra West, a sophomore at SBHS, prefers keeping her camera off. She says she doesn’t pay attention with the camera on because it makes her nervous.

“It’s weird just sitting there staring at the camera,” said West. “I tend to feel very uncomfortable turning my camera on for people that I  don’t even know. I can’t help but feel as if people are just staring at me.”

Many students feel uncomfortable with their camera on. They often feel like the spotlight is on them or everybody is watching.

At South Broward High School, students are expected to appear on camera for most classes, but many students feel as if keeping cameras on is not important.

Shania Simeon, a sophomore at South Broward High school has been kicked out of  a meeting for not having her camera on.

“My teacher kicked me out of a meeting for not having my camera on,” said Simeon,” I don’t think it’s that serious to get kicked out of a meeting for not having your camera on.” 

As students came back to school, all classes have been taught live on-line, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, school administration requires students to have their cameras on during online school. Students like, sophomore Tranasia Missick, not so much. 

“My geometry teacher is the only teacher that has me turn my camera on,”said Missick,”But only makes us turn on are cameras for attendance and when we take tests.”

Some teachers, like English teacher Ms. Theresa Braun, feel that having students keep their cameras on during online learning is important. Students need to be accountable for their education. They have to want to engage and to do well. 

“We as teachers can do the most interactive activities, host relevant discussions, and be entertaining as possible, but at the end of the day the students have to do their part as well,” said Braun, ” Not expecting that is failing them. Out in the real world nothing is free. And accomplishing goals and earning money come with effort.” 

Other teachers, like science teacher Mrs. Susana Leon, feel as if it’s not really important for students to keep their cameras on.

“Keeping their camera on is only important for attendance, not for the whole period if they don’t want to,said Leon,“ I am okay with either on or off as long as the student is okay with it.”