Julia Hernandez View On The Presidential Elections


Araceli Funez-Ruiz, contributer

On November third we had the 2020 presidential election. With millions of U.S citizens, Julia Hernandez voted in this presidential election.

Ms.Hernandez voted for President-Elect Joe Biden because he was an excellent fit to be our president.

Form Experience Hernandez knows how hard it is to be an immigrant in this country. She believes that immigrants should be represented in this country.

“Joe Biden should be our president because he can represent and support everyone in this country especially immigrants’’ said, Hernandez

Hernandez believes that he can make our nation stronger, and know-how to support it well than President Donald Trump has.

Hernandez believe’s that we need someone like Joe Biden because he knows how to run our country.

“Mr. Biden was Vice president meaning that he has experience on how to run a country and how to act like a proper leader as well’’ said Hernandez.

Hernandez also liked how he wants to help college students and students that want to go to college.

‘’It is great how he’s trying to help many people go to college and help cut some of their student loans,’’ said Hernandez

She thinks that helping students be able to go to community college is the best that he could do.

Hernandez supports the idea of raising taxes for those who earn more than 40,000 dollars per year.

“It is only right that people who get paid more than others get their taxes raised because it isn’t fair that they pay almost the same amount as people who get paid less on a year salary” said Hernandez. 

Ms.Hernandez voted for president- Elect Joe Biden is because like other Americans she wanted a change in our nation, she wanted our nation to be stronger. 

” With Joe Biden, we will have a stronger country and find a way for everyone to be equal” said Hernandez.