Running a New Business During COVID-19

Heather G. and her dog Bella go out paddle boarding together.

Bryannah Azim, Photographer

Pop Up Water Sports is a new business that has just launch on September 26 of this year and their main focus as of now is paddle boarding and newly kayaks. With COVID-19 going on now, the company has made adjustments on how they operate.

Excursions are booked and payed for online which limits to amount of people. The boards, paddles, and kayaks are cleaned before and after every customer. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are also available to all customers.


Heather G. and her dog Bella go out paddle boarding together at West Lake Park.
Mana Sauer, cleans a paddle board after being used by the first group of customers.
Mia Snowden, 21, demonstrates how to get on the paddle board for the customers that are beginners.
The Business owners, Joann Villea, Mariah Snowden, Sonja Azim, Mana Sauer, and Christian Sauer get together for a photo.
Sonja Azim, demonstrates how to raise and lower the paddle properly.