Curtesy of Joselyn Paucar

Joselyn Paucar enjoying her life pre covid

All I Want for Christmas is: Peace and Equality

Joselyn Paucar is a 15 year old girl that has always believed in equality and world peace, she thinks that everyone deserves to be treated with equally and with respect.

“As a bisexual woman myself I understand how hard it is for people to accept me for the way I am,” said Paucar.

Coming out as bisexual for Paucar was a challenge, but luckily she had people that support her and were by her side. She hopes for everyone to be treated the same and with respect.

“This world would be a better place if everyone loved each other for the way they are,” said Paucar.

She thinks that if the world was filled with love, peace and equality, cruelty wouldn’t exist.

“People would’ve been different if we didn’t grow up in a racist and cruel world,” said Paucer.

Something else that has been a wish of Paucar this year is a solution for the Covid-19 pandemic. She hopes that after enduring a dark tunnel full of hardship, she hopes to see light at the end.

“Going through this has helped me see the clarity, to be grateful of the things that I have and to ask for something that may help all of us positively,” said Paucar.

She thinks everyone deserves to be happy and go back to everyone’s way of living their individual lives. Paucar thinks it’s been very strange to see people change for the better or for the worst.

“This Christmas I hope for everyone to stay safe, for an end of quarantine for things to get better in the world when it comes to health and for peace in the entire world,” she said.


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