All I want for Christmas is: Peace

All I want for Christmas is: Peace

Paulston Stuart, Contributor

Taariq Pinder Christmas list is normal for a teenager airpods, new video games, new designer clothes. But he would rather have Peace than them things.

“I’m tired of seeing these police killing us black people for no reason,” said Pinder

He told me he wants everyone one to get along because it’s not just racism he sees on the internet he also sees people bash the gays.

“Gays are human too they can do anything they want with their life they not messing with you LGBTQ community matter as well,” said Pinder

He told me he is done being scared to walk out is own home because of the police and he is done seeing all these people bringing down the LGBTQ community.

“Why are these things happing to this country this isn’t fair to anyone,” said Pinder

He said he remembered his mom telling him that the real world is gonna be hard but he never imagined it like this.

“I just want to live a better life with everybody at peace,” said Pinder

He said he is very upset with the police of this country and the people who don’t accept the gays.

“I’m so sick and tired of this country I wanna go back to the Bahamas where there was only black people are.” said Pinder

We ended the interview by asking him if he wanna do something to fix this country.

“I can’t really do anything at the moment but I wish the best for this country.” said Pinder.