Suarez takes a picture under her tree

All I Want For Christmas Is Happiness.

This is Jenesis Suarez, a freshman in Hallandale High. “If you could have one thing for Christmas/Hanukkah, but it can’t be something that comes from a store or that you can buy, what would it be? Why do you want that?” Christmas is a day for families to come together, for everyone to smile and have fun with each other.


Christmas was a day made for everyone to enjoy themselves, but not everyone can enjoy Christmas. They either can’t afford presents for their kids, or are not able to home.


“Everyone should get a present, even bad kids,” said Suarez.


There are some terrible kids out there, even though they are bad they need at least one present. So that they know you care and you should also talk to them about binge better so that they can get more of what they wanted.


Not every kid gets what they want for Christmas, but they should know that their parents thought about getting a present for them.


There are some kids that dont even get presents, so you should be grateful for what you get.


“No child should say that they hate the present or they want something else because it hurts the parents feelings and it shows your ungratefulness,” said Suarez.


People should help the homeless on Christmas because most of them have nothing and you making an act of kindness shows that you care and want to help them.


Anything helps things like “underwear, shoes, jackets, socks, and blankets,” it would help them a lot through the cold season. Everyone should feel joy in Christmas, nobody should feel or be left out.


“Treat people the way you want to be treated. If you wouldn’t like to be left out why would anyone else want to be left out,” said Suarez.


When it’s Christmas you shouldn’t just spend time with your family, there might be some friends that may not be having a good day so maybe call them or go over to their house, and have some fun. 


Love is a big part of Christmas because everyone around you is showing love. It’s a day for all to enjoy and be proud of the kind people. And grateful that someone gave you a present if you didn’t get a present, give to others, the feeling is wonderful.


“Merry Christmas to you all!” said Suarez.

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