All I want for Christmas: Peace on Earth


Lissette Reeve sitting in front of the family’s Christmas tree

Kelly Surniak, Contributor

I asked Lissette Reeve what she wanted for Christmas. She didn’t want what anyone would typically ask for like  perfume, purse, shoes and etc. What she truly wishes for is Peace. True peace on is earth. She is 51 years old and has a lot of wisdom and experience in life, so I decided to get more in depth as to why she wanted this for Christmas.

She has been paying close attention to what is happening right now in our world and wants things to get better in our Nation. It is something that’s quite disconcerting and she briefly explained and said.

”I’ve seen a lot of terrible things going on in the news right now and I wish for things in our great Nation and throughout the world to get better. I know it will.”

She dove in further to talk about her life in the past ”Growing up in the 70s, things were much simpler and people advocated for peace and love. This was very important then and it is just as important now.” said Lissette

She then added, ”Now there’s so much happening and there is rampant disinformation that has demoralized this Nation. I believe we will see all of this change real soon. We cannot lose faith in humanity. We must continue to stand firm for our children, because they are the future and we need to safeguard that bright future.”