Iriana Ruiz getting into the Christmas spirit as Christmas inches closer and closer.

All I Want for Christmas is: For Everything to go Back to Normal

At the beginning of the year, all Iriana Ruiz wanted was an apple watch for Christmas. Although that hasn’t changed, now there is something she wants even more. 

“I want everything to go back to normal,” said Ruiz. 

The 14-year-old middle-schooler attends Hollywood Academy of Arts and Science, and all this year her school has cancelled multiple events planned for eighth graders. 

“I wanna be able to go out with my friends and go wherever without any rules,” said Ruiz. 

She has been stuck at home, only going out maybe once or twice a month. She hates how much this pandemic has been affecting everyone’s lives.

“I see everyone getting sad because they’re stuck home, losing their job, or they’re scared to get sick,” said Ruiz. 

She understands why we have all these rules in place, but it frustrates her that people aren’t listening to the Covid-19 guidelines. 

“We would’ve been in a better place if people just listened,” said Ruiz. “But no. People want to be annoying and not listen.” 

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