Swim Team During COVID-19

Logan Mazor, 12, gets his temperature and pulse taken by swim coach Ana Onet

Hope Silverhardt, Contributor

The pandemic has affected almost everything including the way the South Broward swim team practices. The swim team has a tight-knit relationship and has never been never shy of giving hugs and showing affection, but because of the pandemic, the team can no longer do those things. Instead, they are greeted by a daily temperature scan and pulse reading by the team’s head coach, Ana Onet.

The swimmers and coaches log their daily temperature screening and pulse readings into a Google Doc found on QR codes posted among the pool deck. This is done to keep track of student’s health and to make sure nobody is coming to the school with COVID-19.

Swimming has changed drastically since the start of the pandemic. Stretches are done standing six feet apart and whenever swimmers get out of the water they must put a mask on immediately. While in the water the maximum amount of people per lane is only two. This is done to decrease the amount of contact the swimmers have with one another.