Teens React toTrump’s Account Being Banned On Twitter


Guido Huguet

One notification influences the decision to open Huguet’s phone.

Nabeel Mukati, Contributor

People were urging Twitter to ban Trump for years and all it took was a riot. They finally banned Donald Trump from their platform on January, 8th 2021 and it has silenced him almost completely. Opinions have been thrown from left to right, some people think he deserves it, while others think he doesn’t.

“One of the most influential people in the world using social media wrong,” said sophmore, Guido Huguet, a student at Mcarthur High School. “I may not have the exact details, but anyone who starts a riot deserves a ban.”

Like it or not, social media is the go-to way to communicate, especially for teenagers. But, what if that were abruptly taken away?

High school sophomore, Gilberto Almonte uses his phone, five to six hours a day and says life wouldn’t be enjoyable if he were banned.

“If I get banned from social media I feel like I won’t be able to enjoy my phone,” said Almonte. “Yeah, I wouldn’t know how to contact my friends.”

How do teens use social media though? The answer varies from teen to teen.

“I usually use it for social media and to watch videos,” said Almonte.

He mentioned if he didn’t have his phone, he would just meet them in person.

“If I didn’t have a phone I would just drive to my friends’ house to talk to them,” said Almonte.

Trump might not have been kicked off early enough. His actions speak louder than his tweets.

“He didn’t get kicked off early enough,” said Huguet. “Although I don’t watch the news as much as I should, Trump repeatedly was on it for the tweets he posted.”

Huguet’s life is based around social media. It makes up most of life and everyhting that surronds him.

“My life as a teen revolves around social media,” said Huguet. “I found some of my friends through social media. I also keep up with my friends by using social media.”

Getting banned prevents Trump from expressing his first amendment rights according to Almonte.

“How will he express his opinion in a world that he got banned from which is social media,” said Almonte.

Not many think that way. They fully agree that Trump being banned on twitter is not an first amendment right being robbed from him.

“I think banning him from Twitter prevents expressing his feelings on Twitter but, it does not take away his first amendment rights,” said Huguet. “For example, in interviews, he can express his feelings.”

Social media has caused depression, anxiety and many other mental disorders. So is social media preventing happiness?

“If I didn’t have social media I think I would be happier”, Huguet said. “I would probably work out more and have more time on my hands.”

Rivera thinks social media is dangerous.

“Social media could be dangerous,”said Rivera . “Social exposes kids to different things which can negatively influence them.”

But, Huguet believes something else.

“Everything can be dangerous if used a certain way”, said Huguet.

The last president getting banned should be a big deal, anyone getting permanently banned from Twitter is unheard of.

But, is adding all this drama and light to it, really that important?

“Trump getting banned isn’t a big deal,” said Gilberto. “I think him getting banned right after the riot makes it a huge deal.”

Social media makes it harder to do school work.

“After studying for 10 minutes or working for ten minutes I go back to my phone”, said Huguet. “It usually takes one notification that takes an hour of my time away.”

There are many solutions to social media ruining focus.

“I turn off my phone during important classes,” said Almonte. “Even if I don’t turn my phone off I just don’t open it if I hear a notification. It’s a pretty easy fix.”

But, are teens relying on social media?

“I wouldn’t say I rely on social media,” said Almonte. “I think I could a month break easily.”

Whether you Trump deserves to get banned or not. Social media is like the 21st-century of a town square.