SBHS Boys Soccer Team: As Intense As It Gets


Mikah Combs

Senior, Justin Meyer blocks an Everglades player from receiving the ball. South Broward’s team took possession of the ball and brings it back towards Everglades’ goal. Nico Robles was the player who scored the only goal for South Broward in this game.

Gabriel Valladares, Contributor

They say penalty kicks are the best way to win, but the worst way to lose. On February 5th, the SBHS boys soccer team felt the latter. After an intense match that went into overtime, and eventually penalty kicks the Bulldogs lost to Everglades 4-3 in the Boys Soccer District Finals.

Within seconds of the first kick-off, it was apparent the both teams were equally matched in skill. Players barreled up and down the field, deftly passing the ball across the field as they fought to score.

During the game, free kicks were being kicked out like it was nothing, and when these free kicks weren’t in the favor it would eventually cause near goals and create a sense of nervousness amongst players of South Broward, with players making mess ups, and causing players such as Nico having to make clutch saves against the goal.

Eventually the efforts of the whole team paid off when during a corner kick in the favor of South Broward caused a scramble with players of both teams trying to get the ball in their favored position. In the end, the ball went to South Broward player, number 17, and he managed to boom the ball into the goal and make the first goal of the game.

One of the best aspects of the game was the glaring support that the spectators had for South Broward, and with every attempt for a goal fans would cheer even if the play wasn’t successful. Another great moment that put the moral of spectators up was when South Broward player 25, Tafari, evoked the spectators by saying “Come on let’s get some noise!” in response to cheers from spectators of the other side of the field.

A tough moment happened for South Broward when one of the players of Everglades managed to get a chip goal on the keeper of South Broward and tie up the game 1-1. From that point on, the atmosphere changed to an intense feeling since at that point there was 30 minutes left to the game. Many attempts of a goal were made by both teams, injuries caused free kicks which caused things to tense up more.

Hopes were still up.

“Let’s go boys!” yelling goalkeeper, Kellen. In order to encourage his teammates.

The game was at a complete stalemate, with both teams unable to get past each others defenses completely. Eventually the game had gone to overtime, which kept everyone afraid to blink in order to not miss what would happen next.

Even after two overtimes, the score remained tied, pushing the game into Evan. The score remained tied, pushing the game into something that everyone dreads, Penalty kicks. Although this was a loss that ended South Broward High Schools chance of getting to the state tournaments, players still hold high hopes for their regional tournament, which they managed to get into.

With the start of penalty’s, members of the crowd got up from their seats in order to get closer to see what would happen in this tie-breaking move.

Penalty’s started with South Broward player Nico scoring the first penalty, which brought the crowd’s attention of South Broward.

Next, was Everglade high school’s turn, and they also managed to score their first penalty, and that garnered the same reaction from their crowd.

Ready to play next was South Broward , Jordan’s turn to go for a kick, but sadly he ended up hitting the crossbar.

From then on, the Everglades player hit his penalty, South Broward player, Evan hit his penalty, the Everglades player hit his penalty. The last penalty was for South Broward player Jaheim, with him booming the ball past the keeper. Finally, it was Everglades turn, and they scored the last goal of that match.

“Put your heads up boys, I don’t want to see a single head down,” said SBHS defender, Evan Vargas. As the players moped off the field.

Although the loss ended South Broward High School’s chance at getting to the state tournaments, players still held high hopes for their regional tournament, which they managed to get into.

“Going into the regionals, we hope to do our best to win and be the best team there,” said Coach Lionel.