Military Perspective on What Happened at the Capitol


Jaida Almonte, Contributor

Sergeant Major Kevin Nunez , 37, who has served 19 years in the Marines Corps and is still currently active in the Military states “It’s a shame what happened at the Capitol.” stated Nunez.

”It’s crazy how a couple of months ago during the BLM movement, police officers were macing these civil protesters and shooting them with rubber bullets causing hysteria,” said Nunez “Yet now when these people are violently storming through the capitol, officials were doing little to nothing to stop this madness. This just shows the unjust and colorist America we are living in today’’.

Nunez  did protester for the BLM movement a couple of months ago  ‘’I find it crazy that the police will shoot you and know that you dead, but still tell you to freeze.It feels like we’re losing our country, but we have to stand up together.” stated Nunez.

Nunez feels as if the Capitol definitely needs higher security.

” What happened is an embarrassment to America. This all ridiculous. They should be getting treated at the same degree as those innocent BLM Protesters got treated a couple of months ago.’’  stated Nunez.

Nunez believes he’s more attached to this country than the average American citizen due to his devotion and duty as a Marine.

”I’m proud to be an American citizen and abide by the American Constitution. I’ve gone through bizarre amounts of training as a Marine, to train me into who I am today. The military always teaches us how we are to fight for our country and protect our citizens when threatened. I strongly believe what happened at the capitol was unjust since no threat was detected there.” said Nunez.

 Nunez is disappointed in the rioters at the capitol who were veterans with military backgrounds. ”The military trains us to be better than this, ” said Nunez”We can’t fight fire with fire”.

”This makes us officials with military backgrounds look very bad.  I am utterly saddened at the rioters carrying American flags while ransacking the capitol. I respect everyone’s beliefs, opinions and views but I cant stand behind the idea of raging into the Capitol. ” said Nunez ”As American citizen we are to come together as one and treat this matter with respect and peace. We can’t come at the situation negatively.”

”Some of the rioters did claim to be patriots. I believe this is all over political views. Whether you’re a democrat or a republican. Or whether you’re a conservative or a liberal it’s all about how one as a citizen views America.’’ said Nunez.