Capitol Riot

Diego Cruz Ayala, Contributor

Alex Poholski is a 14-year-old student that goes to Avant Garde Academy. The Capitol riot that occurred on January 6, 2021 shocked him. Poholski found out about the Capitol the next day when he was watching TV.

 Poholski thinks that the authorities should’ve fought forcefully and should have done more.

 “I also feel like Donald Trump should’ve done something about it, and I don’t think Donald Trump did the right thing for his supporters to raid the capital because that was disrespectful to the U.S” said Poholski.

 He thinks that Donald Trump shouldn’t go to jail

“I think he should definitely be disciplined with something for example be impeached or something like that and this raid at the Capitol was not a good example for the U.S and it made us look like bad”. 

 Poholski thought that riot was a bad example for the U.S.

 “I think Trump supporters made the U.S look worse as a whole country and one event made the government look so disorganized,” said Poholski.

Alex hopes that the U.S will be more organized in the future and hopes that this event never happens again.