COVID Vaccine – Military Opinion


Photo Credit: New York Magazine

Rafael A. Cabiya-Albarran, Contributor

SBHS senior AR is excited to graduate. He’s ready to move on from HS and plans to go into the military. One thing he’s not excited about? Getting the COVID vaccine.

“Personally I have not taken it yet but being in the military I will have to be taking it soon and I believe it may be worth taking but it obviously just depends on your situation everybody is different.” is what Steven Brown had said on the matter.

Since the summer of his Junior year, SBHS senior Steven Brown has been a part of the National Guard

On the CDC website it states that the COVID vaccine is now available to those who are sixteen and older, but because of the limited supply the CDC is only giving recommendations to the local, federal, and state government on who should be vaccinated first.

“I know a couple people that have taken the vaccine, more so on my military side than on my civilian side but yes I know a couple people who have taken it.”

On this Brown had to say “The only way it would have a big effect on the current state of the pandemic now would be if a large majority were to take the vaccine now, that effect could be either good or bad. But considering how cautious people are being when it comes to this vaccine I would say not until later on.”

While most are thankful that a COVID vaccine may soon be available to everyone, some are being more cautious than others. Finding it difficult to believe that a vaccine could be made so quickly. Despite this, 1 in 3 are refusing to take the vaccine.

“I believe it is safe to take if you already have a naturally strong immune system, but if you don’t I would say to be cautious because of how quickly it seemed to be made.” said Brown.

Chief Eddie Eagle Spirit is the JROTC instructor/teacher at South Broward High School, and like Brown, he has yet to take the vaccine, saying

“I have not taken the vaccine, I am a little concerned with this vaccine because there’s not enough empirical data on its stability.”

There is also the question of how this will affect younger generations and whether it is safe to give out to young adults and children.

“No, it has not affected me directly, however, I do worry about the impact it will have on the future. Like, will it affect our next generation of kids in any way.”

Time will determine if the vaccine is really okay, then we will see the results.