An Egg-citing Easter Surprise


Honey comes up to gate to greet everyone, she’s a friendly bunny.

Jake Hart, Contributor

Bunnies being ditched after Easter is a real problem. As a gift for Easter people receive rabbits, however, they shortly find out later they can’t take care of them and have no choice but to let them free.

A mother of five in Hollywood, Florida found a rabbit under a car and decided to take the rabbit in and put an ad for the bunny on the social platform, Nextdoor. Goldie Hill, a resident of Hollywood, received an email about the post and considered taking home the bunny. 

“I didn’t want the rabbit to end up in a shelter or to end up dead, so I wanted to give it a good home,” said Hill. 

On April 7th, she brought home the bunny and named him Honey.

Little did she know that it would change her entire daily routine. From 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., she prepares a salad for her bunny, then lets her run around the house. Throughout the day, Honey gets an unlimited amount of hay for her to enjoy. When Hill gets home from work, she gives Honey a scoop of rabbit pellets and lets her run around the house for longer so she can stay active. When it’s bedtime she puts Honey in her cage and places a cardboard roof over it so that she can’t hop out during the night.