A Year With Covid-19

Araceli Funez-Ruiz, Contributer

Fourteen months ago, Joselynn Romero was a typical 8th grader. She hung out with friends, went out shopping, and went on trips. Fast-forward to this spring, and it’s like she’s a different person.

“I have become more antisocial, because I haven’t been able to see people and make a connection with them,” said Romero.

March 11, 2020 the World Health organization declared the Coronavirus a worldwide pandemic. For months we had travel bans, restrictions on how people can meet or how many people can meet, thousands of stores, restaurants, schools, workplaces, were closed, and had orders to stay at home.

“This virus has been challenging because I haven’t been able to go to school or church for a while and I don’t feel safe going out anymore because I am scared that I will get the virus,’’ said Romero.

It’s also had an effect on SBHS 9th grader Chelsey Mitterhoffer, who always uses to go out with friends, and enjoy hanging out in the park after school.

‘’I feel that in a way the pandemic has changed me, I have become extremely lazy because I can not go out much,’’ said Mitterhoffer.

Going into a worldwide pandemic has made many of us unmotivated, since we have had to stay in our homes majority of the time. Since last spring millions of students and workers have had to do school and work online and many of them still are. With us staying at home many would say that they have become lazy.

‘’I think that Covid has taken the lives of many and has made us all lazy, especially since we can do everything just laying in our beds,’’ said Mitterhoffer.

Many people can also relate to the fact that their mental health has gotten worse as well. Thousand even millions of people suffer from different types of mental health problems but not being able to be near people that can help you and just staring at those four walls have made it worse for them. Other people have also started to experience mental health, that the littlest things have made them severely anxious.

‘’I feel that this virus has changed me because I get this bad anxiety just being near people, which has never happened to me before,” said Romero.

It has been a little over a year into the pandemic and many people have faced many difficulties around the world. We are now starting to see the positive side of this pandemic and are starting to slowly go back to normal.