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Lil Nas X ”Call Me By Your Name”

Since Lil Nas X – Montero “Call Me by Your Name’’ latest music video had been posted a month ago It has been causing a lot of controversy all over the internet, because of his actions in the video. 

SBHS Freshman Tionna West came across the Lil Nas X Music Video on Tiktok because it was all over the internet, and it made her want to watch it.

 It was something she had never seen before, and she thought it was just crazy.

‘’Personally, the video was outrageous and very chaotic,’’ said West. 

‘’It was very weird of him to make this video since he has young supporters watching him and being influenced by him,” Said West  ‘’Especially if young people are trying to figure out their sexuality this was not an effective way to show it’’ said West.

Lil Nas shares intimate acts with the devil and proceeds to dance in what looks like hell.

‘’It was a very inappropriate music video to make, he should be more aware of his audiences.’’ said West.

She thinks young people can get the wrong idea about this video. 

“I’m not totally sure of what message this video was trying to convey?, but I know a part of it was to give people courage to be themselves’’ said West.

Although she didn’t like the video very much, she understands that the artist was trying to make a point.

‘’But I think he could have chosen a better way to do it’’ said West. 

West thinks that video can give teens the wrong idea about how to express themselves.


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