Isabel Senske, Neighbor

Isabel Senske is a sophomore student at FLVS online. She dislikes how she is not with friends, but she likes the fact that she can make her own school schedule.

“I went hiking for 7 miles everyday, while carrying a 70 pound pack on my back,” said Senske.

Isabel went on a ninety day wilderness retreat last summer in North Carolina. She said it took a lot of hard work, but in the end it was worth it. Isabel learned a lot about nature and how to survive in the wild. She had to make fires on her own to keep herself warm. She also made a lot of great friends in an experience she’ll never forget. 

“If I could fix one thing in the world, I’d fix climate change,” said Senske.

Isabel is passionate about keeping the environment clean and doing everything she can to help stop climate change.

“I love going to the beach, it’s where I feel most peaceful,” said Senske.

Isabel goes to the beach often and she likes to swim, eat, and just sit and watch the sunset. She likes to bring music there to relax and destress. 

Isabel’s favorite food is sushi. She loves it so much that she even learned how to make it and has all of the materials to make it herself. She likes going to sushi bars and watching Itmaes make sushi, so she can get tips for when she makes it for her family.


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