Hezekiel Villegas

Hezekiel Villegas is a junior at South Broward High school. Something he’s passionate about is basketball, and while playing travel basketball he won 3 championships. 

Something he would change about himself would be his way of learning things, especially school related because it can be difficult for him to get good grades. Even though he struggles at school, there’s something else that he’s good at—and that’s basketball. 

When talking about school, Villegas said there were some things he liked and disliked about it. For example, something he likes is that he gets to interact with people during lunch, between classes, or even during class when there’s nothing to do. He also talked about how some teachers assign a lot of homework and how that stresses him out sometimes. He also brought up other problems and what aspects could be changed of them.

“If I could change something about the world it would be how much people get paid because it is not fair that there’s some hard working people out there and they don’t get paid enough to the point where they don’t have enough money for their everyday life,” said Villegas.

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