Linda Vanbenshoten

Linda Vanbenschoten is a 72-year-old resident of Hollywood, Florida, who has lived in the same house for over 60 years and has watched her home town change tremendously  over the decades.

“There was barely any traffic, and I would play tennis in the street,” she said.

Vanbenschoten attended South Broward High School, where there was no air conditioning.

For middle school, she attended McNicol, while it was still segregated.

She remembers there were two African-Americans at her school, and two different water fountains. Despite not being black herself, she drank from the black water fountain.

Watching society and Hollywood change has impacted Vanbenschoten. “You either have to accept the change, or change with it,” she said.

Linda now work in parks and recreation and has for over thirty years. She is currently the coordinator for Driftwood Community Center.

Vanbenschoten’s advice is to keep yourself healthy, and be open to change because your older self will thank you.

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