SBHS Swim Team ended with a splash at Regional Finals 


SBHS swimmer competes during a home heat in the backstroke.

Kamari Raymond, Contributor

South Broward’s swim team had an eventful outing at their last meet.

 In the Girls 200 Medley Kendra Gomez, Brianna Hernandez, Yasmin Marino, Taylor De Don, dropped five seconds from their time and came in fifth place.  

 Brianna Hernandez came in second place in the 100 m Breaststroke and 3rd in the 100 m freestyle. 

 Kendra Gomez came fifth in the Individual Medley 200m and fourth in the 100m Backstroke. 

 For the boys, Jackson Wampler Nick Moskol, Robert Iuhasz, Ashton Gromiak in the 200 m Medley relay and 200 m freestyle relay they made it their personal best time. 

 Jackson Wampler came in 2nd place in the 100 m Backstroke and 3rd place in the 200 m Individual Medley.