SBHS Boys Basketball Team Off to a Good Start


Joshua Riley, Contributor

This year, the SBHS boys basketball teams have hit new records in scores and wins. If the start of the season is any proof, they will do better than they did last year.

Boys Varsity started out strong against Plantation Highschool, 53-46. Star players, Cameron Thorne and Ryan Topping, scored 13 points and 15 points.

“It was a good game up until the last two quarters because we started getting lazy, but we still managed to win,” respectfully said Topping. 

The day they came back from Thanksgiving break, on Monday 11/29, they won a home game against Pompano Beach. Bulldogs squashed the Golden Tornadoes 64-45.

SBHS Bulldogs had the opportunity to score more points at the free throw line, but missed shots. Overall, Topping said that their defense was great, but sees opportunities for improvement.

“Even though we won, it still wasn’t the best we could do,” said Topping.

There’ve have been a couple bad notes though.

For example, Bulldogs lost the preseason game 74-51 and in their most recent game against Pines Charter Highschool, Bulldogs lost 73-31. It was a challenging game for the Bulldogs, although they were doing well the first and second quarters, they kept making mistakes in the second half. Jaguars were dominant and had the ball most of the game and kept making shots with player #3 on the Jaguars scoring 12 points and player #5 making 11.

“We’re gonna learn from what we did and not make the same mistakes as we play more teams,” Topping says.

Their first official game last Friday against Plantation on 12/3, resulted in a victory for the Bulldogs.

“There was initially a lack of energy with the team,” said Topping.

They weren’t as synchronized in the first quarter, but despite this they managed to win 45-35.

Bulldogs won their next game against Hollywood Hills Spartans 59-40. Bulldogs played admirably throughout the entire match. SBHS Bulldogs scored 17 points in quarter 1 and quarter 4. Bulldogs scored 13-11 in quarter 2 and 12-10 in quarter 3.

South Broward’s Bulldogs played against Hallandale Chargers and won 40-29.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy game to win,” Topping said.

Everyone expected SBHS Bulldogs to lose but they didn’t give up.  Bulldogs tied with the Chargers in quarters 1 and 4. They lost quarter 2 with only two points off from a win. The score was 6-5. Bulldogs turned the tables in quarter 3 and annihilated the Chargers 17-3.

Bulldogs unfortunately lost their consecutive 3 game winning streak against Cooper City. ” It was a tough especially because we were down three key players,” Topping said.