Cheerleaders and Football Players’ New Found Bond?


Bulldog Quarterback, Desean Dixon, posing with his girlfriend, Bulldog cheerleader, Dasia Haywood.

Yoselyn George, Contributor

Previous years, the football team and the cheer team didn’t have a reason to get to know each other since the only thing they had in common was being at the same games, and even then, they didn’t talk to each other.

After the cheerleaders had to share the bus with the football’s offense during away games, they have then formed some kind of bond, which has helped them get a little loose around each other and joke around.

“If we didn’t have that bond, we wouldn’t want to cheer so much for them and now we have that bond we want to see them do well and when they do, we are really happy for them and congratulate them on their success” said Dakota Chesser, South Broward cheerleader. 

Many may think that just because they have to be on the same games they’re automatically friends but that’s not the case; normally, it is hard for them to interact since each one has something to be focused on.

While being on the bus, they didn’t have to worry about being focused on something so they used that time to get to know each other and even form some serious friendships and romantic relationships. 

“After years of not seeing much interaction between the two, it makes me really happy that they have formed a connection this year and maybe that will help them both and support each other,” said Veronica Bruns, cheer coach. 

This season, a beautiful relationship was formed between SBHS quarterback, Desean Dixon and SBHS cheerleader, Dasia Haywood.

Many of the cheerleaders were rooting for them since the first day they saw them interacting with each other, and they were more than happy when he put on his big boy pants and asked her to, officially, be his girlfriend. 

“Yeah I had waited for a long time for him to ask me to be his girlfriend but then on my birthday he gave me this necklace and officially asked me and I was super excited about it,” said Haywood.

Dixon and Haywood weren’t the only ones that got close this football season. We have another two, that despite not being in a relationship, have formed a beautiful bond and got really close.

You would think that because they went to homecoming together he was the one to ask her out, but no, with the help of her teammates and coaches, she decided to take the lead and make a beautiful homecoming  proposal and ask him to the dance. Thankfully, he said yes. 

“When I saw the other girls getting in this weird formation and then putting her in a stunt, I was kind of confused because she’s not the regular flyer and normally they just get in two lines before the game starts,” said Chase Petersen, SBHS football player. “I appreciate the effort she put into it and I thought it was really cute and creative and I won’t forget it.”

Even though football season has ended, the All-Star game is happening. Unfortunately, only two of our cheerleaders will be able to participate, but that won’t stop the rest of the cheerleaders from going to the game and cheering them from the stands because they deserve all the support. 

“Now that football season is over, I just hope that the bond we made doesn’t fade away and hope it will help us for next season,” said Maddison Appleton, South Broward cheerleader.